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  • About Cosmos Granite and Marble
  • About Cosmos Granite and Marble
  • About Cosmos Granite and Marble
  • About Cosmos Granite and Marble
  • About Cosmos Granite and Marble
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We specialize in providing our customers with finest quality materials, competitive prices and dependable service.

Started in 2005 Cosmos Granite & Marble has become a leading US natural stone and quartz distributor. Our continued growth and success originates from our customers and the quality people in our employ. Through our Direct-to-Customer principle removing the middleman from our process, we proudly return the added value in quality and cost savings to our customers. Our State-of-the-Art stone processing factory in India and our strong overseas relationships ensure elimination of common industry problems such as inconsistent products, inaccurate information, price fluctuations and product shortages. In following this same principle we are committed to developing new product offerings Such as Cosmos Quartz, Ethos Green Surfacing and Sync-Art stainless steel and porcelain sink lines.

Cosmos is committed to setting the industry standard. We are dedicated to offering superior customer service by providing:

* Premium quality stones at the most competitive prices.

* Professional, educated staff to help you make the most knowledgeable choices in your selection.

* A safe and friendly atmosphere where your needs are always the priority.

From homeowners browsing and selecting actual slabs for their project to providing accurate and up to date product, technical information and CEUs for architect, design and construction professionals, Cosmos wants to earn your business. Visit our conveniently located US facilities and enjoy the Cosmos experience.

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