10 Advantages Of Porcelain Kitchen Worktops Every Homeowners Should Know

When it comes to stone worktop material, porcelain is not the first but yes it is an option on the list to look for. However, its popularity has gained momentum in recent years and as expected the porcelain trend is going on.

Countertops are the hub of any kitchen or bathroom space, and a perfect porcelain countertop may look better with the sensational kitchen cabinets. While natural stones like granite, marble, travertine, and onyx have a number of advantages, porcelain does offer some benefits for a homeowner.

Advantages of Using Porcelain for Kitchen Worktops

1. Available In Myriads Of Shades & Patterns

One of the foremost reason why porcelain is used as a kitchen worktops is the myriads of colors and textures it comes in. The natural or raw porcelain differs in pigmentation and causes a number of bright and vibrant shades.

2. Extremely Durable

You won’t believe but porcelain is nearly 25-30% more durable than the granite. The firing process in the porcelain makes the stone extremely durable and resistant to heat making it an ideal choice as kitchen worktops where you can easily place hot pans and hot pots.

3. Waterproof

You might not know but porcelain slabs easily withstand with the water flow. After preparing so many meals and dishes in the kitchen, spots on the kitchen worktop is an ordinary thing. Any spills or spots on the porcelain kitchen worktop can easily be wiped off with the wet cloth.

4. Very Light Weight

You don’t have to worry about those extra people required to carry the slab at your home, as porcelain itself is very lightweight and fits easily in no time. Thus, porcelain kitchen worktops carry no risk of breakages at the time of installation.

5. It Doesn’t Fades With The Direct Contact In Sunlight

With other kitchen worktops that couldn’t bear the rays of the sun and discolors with the time, porcelain kitchen worktops on the other hand results no-effect on the direct sunlight.

6. Non-Porous

What’s more interesting is that porcelain is non-porous i.e. it doesn’t allow bacteria and other micro-organisms to reside on the surface. Your Porcelain kitchen worktops remain hygienic and will never need an expensive treatment or tools to keep it in the same way.

7. Easy To Cut

Porcelain is easy to cut and modify, this makes the stone quite perfect for kitchen worktops and cupboards as well.  The proper finish and the accurate cut of the porcelain slabs provide the sleek appearance without losing the classic touch of your kitchen space.

8. Scratch Resistant

Your kitchen area constantly meets the scratch of heavy objects and knife, so adding a surface that is scratch resistant is an added benefit. With porcelain kitchen worktops you don’t have to panic about those sharp objects and heavy pots.

9. Resistant To Stain

Regardless of what products and ingredients you use, stains always pop up on the kitchen worktop. And the kitchen with a porcelain top never disappoints you with the stains, making it quite easy for you to keep the space neat and clean.

10. Provides True Quality

Porcelain kitchen worktop is the best option for homeowners who value quality. Unlike other materials which lack in quality, porcelain kitchen worktop offers a plethora of colors, customized and a modern look to the home.

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