3 Reasons To Select Archetype Aluminum Basketweave Porcelain For Your Workspace

Gone are those days when homeowners only wanted a classy and traditional look for their workspace. Nowadays homeowners want to try something unique that could not only last long but could also impress their visitors. Though Granite and Marble are still the first choice, Archetype Aluminum Basketweave is another addition to the list.

You always look for the stone that fits extremely durable, looks beautiful and works well with any of the traditional designs. So here are the reasons you can choose Archetype Aluminum Basketweave Porcelain for your workspace and other premises.


The Aluminum Basketweave porcelain is widely used by the interior designers, architects and builder as the stone are specifically designed for commercial spaces. The durability of the stone makes it add on walls and high traffic areas. It can hold heavier objects very easily; making it the perfect stone kitchens and bathrooms. Buy the Archetype Aluminum Basketweave from Cosmos Granite and Marble store that offers the different variety of porcelain tiles at various locations.

Aesthetic Value

It effortlessly gives a detailed look at the beautiful and stunning design. The unique and antique patterns in the tiles offer a subtle look to the workspace. The tile absorbs light and gives an impressive effect to your defined space. The cross pattern of the tile looks elegant and phenomenal when added over the plain surface.

The different designs, patterns, colors, and texture of the Basketweave Porcelain tiles make it easy to homeowners to choose amongst their different choices.


Unlike any other stone that needs heavy maintenance and frequent updates to look beautiful, basketweave porcelain is one of the easiest floors to clean. To keep it looking beautiful, you only need vacuuming done twice a week. Clean the stains with the sponge and a solution of vinegar with water.

The textured basketweave tiles need some additional procedures. Just a wet mopping is not effective to clean the surface. Sweep the dust from the floor. Saturate the surface with a solution in hot water and stir. 

Allow it to rest for some minutes then scrub the floor with a soft brush.  A day to day cleaning of the porcelain tile retains the look and shine of the tiles and gives you the reason to buy it for your next renovation plan.

Safety Measures

Make sure that you don’t use cleaners having ammonia or acid to it. Do not use wax cleaners or sealants to clean the Archetype Aluminum basketweave Porcelain tiles. It is recommended not to use steel wool pads, because steel particles inside the wool pads may cause stains in the grout.

The Basketweave tiles are slowly gaining momentum; buy the best product from Cosmos Granite and Marble. You can also meet our experts for further product guidance and procedures. Reach us via call or web.

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