5 Best Granite Tile For Corporate & Offices

It is really difficult to go for one when you have been introduced to the thousands of products in a store. Not one, in fact, there are many tile floorings which are indestructible and has been the preferred choice for the commercial settings. While you are wondering about the stone choices to use in your offices, we have been suggesting you the old yet classy and the best stone tile for long terms. Use granite tiles in your offices to get the best effect for long years.

Unlike any other natural stone which is soft and doesn’t give proper finish, granite is a hard stone and when refurbished into proper shape and tile format adds a unique finish to any office floorings. So here the best granite tiles you can use for corporate and offices.

1 Absolute Black LF 3 CM

You can’t go wrong with the black. Though white looks beautiful and exotic in residential settings, black do wonder in the corporate timings. The Absolute Black LF tile is considered as an ideal granite piece for office interior and outer areas. There are other applications you can try with this tile i.e. to include in your bathroom and landscaping areas.

2 Alpine White 3 CM

Not many homeowners like using black in any of their premises. If you are also the one, then go with the beautiful blend of white and greys included in Alpine White 3CM. The dramatic shades in the tile make it easy to coordinate color settings in your office cabin and wash areas. For thousands of years, alpine tile has been used in decorating exterior applications in bridges and floors.

3 Antique Persa 3Cm

Antique Persa is mainly considered as the ideal stone for decorating purpose. This chic and classy tile is suitable for many applications including countertops and mainly for floorings. The brownish appearance and the dull shades in the tile give a mesmerizing effect to the office cabin and entrance. Catch the look of the Antique Persa in personal at Cosmos Granite and Marble store at your nearby location.

4 Aphrodite Extra 3CM

The maintenance requirement for granite majorly depends on the tile selected. The polished Aphrodite extra doesn’t need to be re-polished on a frequent basis, but if done it would make space look more gleaming for long years. Apart from using it for floors, Aphrodite can be applied to window frames and nameplates.

5 Baltic Brown Dark 3 CM

If you are searching for the tile which not only looks great but also delivers the best appearance and requires minimal upkeep then tries your hands on Baltic Brown Dark granite tile. Go trendy and classy with this tile, and enhance the look of your office. The only thing you require is a good amount of care and maintenance to keep its beauty intact for long long years.

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