5 Best Stone Combination You Must Try In Your Kitchen Renovation

Renovating a kitchen space is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of home… agree? Planning for a kitchen space is really exhilarating, but it can be upsetting too (if results don’t match the expectations). With so many options available in the market, choosing the best stone to refurbish the kitchen is no greater than any challenge.

Choosing the color schemes is the best and the exciting part of the revamping. Adding the latest cabinets is another great addition to the kitchen which not only upgrades the kitchen but also elevates the home’s value. What’s more interesting is the selection of stones to use in the kitchen. Going with the trend, below is the list of the stone combinations you may use for your next renovation.

1. An Ultimate Combination Of Granite And Marble

While that both granite and marble are the preferred choice of homeowners, using them at the same place might surprise you. Choose granite as your kitchen countertops and marble as the decorating part for your kitchen cabinets. Experience the exotic feel of the granite when you are cooking and delve into the subtle look of the marble when you are taking something out of the cabinets.

2. Ceramic Tile And Plywood

It is quite amazing to see the kitchen fashion trends, getting updated every year. Looking for something brilliant and exclusive for kitchen backsplashes? Try your hands on ceramic tiles. These tiles look absolutely stunning on wet bars or eat-at counters.  A quick addition of plywood as the frames can give a striking look to your kitchen space.

3. Wooden Countertops With Muted Shades

Though wooden countertops have lost their value after the popularity of marble and other solid surfaces, it might give surprising effects to the kitchen settings with its natural beauty. Going with the traditional choice, wooden countertops literally do wonders for the entire area. If you are still choosing wooden floors or wooden slabs for your kitchen countertops, go with the muted colors like beige, cream, or dull gray for the walls, or kitchen cabinets.

4. Absolute Cream And Antique White

If you want to limit your choice of the granite, a combination of two granite is also a good choice. Choose Absolute Cream for your kitchen countertops and decorate other kitchen interiors with another striking stone Antique White. The fascinating combination of the brown and black in Absolute cream improves the look of the dull kitchen space, in addition, use Antique White to complement backsplashes and other spaces in your kitchen.

5. Soapstone And Marble

It might sound, you weird, but marble and soapstone, when combined together, highlight the place more.  Soapstones, on one hand, won’t get cracked easily, marble on the other side needs high maintenance. Though soapstone doesn’t excite you with the color choices, Marble can win your hearts with its mesmerizing shades and veins on the surface.

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