5 Major Benefits Of Travertine Tiles Over Marble Tiles

Use of tiles is not expensive as much as you think. Earlier, the stone floorings were only noticed in luxurious mansions and five-star hotels, these days, you can catch few sights of stone floorings done in some spaces. Different sizing of tiles delivers the different look, small sized tiles look great when applied to kitchen and bathrooms, large sized tiles look elegant when added to the outer areas. 

So are you looking to catch the best product to get the renovation done in your home settings? In the right setting either marble or travertine can be the great choice to add charm and beauty to your commercial or residential settings. But if you are going for marble tiles, wait for a while and know some benefits that only Travertine tile can offer. In the end, it will be your choice, budget and preferences to go with one…

Reason To Go For Travertine Over Marble Tiles

Aesthetic Appeal

Over the existing stones, Travertine is the oldest materials in existence, and when installed as floorings, adds a sense of richness and warmth, to the environment. The mild tone of the stone delivers appealing surface effects to the entire space (indoor and outdoor). Each piece of the travertine tile is formed naturally and creates one of the kinds of a patio and outdoor peck. On the other hand, Marbles are mainly used in indoor settings.

Extreme Durability

Travertine tiles don’t entertain any type of cracks, scratches or chips. These kinds of tiles are available in the honed and polished finish, but if applied in the same finish notices a greater risk of chipping and scratching. Therefore, it is recommended to use naturally finished travertine tiles as it is more resistant to harm. Marble tiles, on the other hand, get cracked easily and are not bearable to weather changes.

Long Lasting Nature

With regular maintenance and care, travertine floors offer the capability and potential to retain for long years. Apply stone sealing agent to the travertine floors to prevent weathering changes. Unlike, travertine which can be left with its natural finish, marble can easily damage. Moreover, it needs frequent sealing and maintenance as compared to other natural stones.

Quick And Ease Of Repair

Every homeowner wishes to install stones which don’t bother them with maintenance and repair conditions. If you want to repair the cracked floors of your kitchen, with travertine you can easily replace and remove the selected tile floorings. Just make sure that you keep an extra pile of travertine tiles to match your existing floorings. It is more durable and even leaves money in your pocket for extra upgradation.

Best Choice When Want A Neutral Palette

Travertine tiles maintain a reserved dignity with its soft and warm colors in a palette. It comes in cream, beige, gold and all muted shades thus it is considered as the great choice when want to observe neutral look in the bedroom without using any dramatic colors. Marble tile also shares some multi-tones of vibrant and highlighting colors.

We understand with so many options to choose from it can be confusing and stressful for you to select one. We invite you to pay a visit at Cosmos Granite and Marble store to see other available options.

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