5 Reasons To Install Granite Over Marble Slabs

There’s no denying the fact that granite has been the foremost choice of the homeowners since years. Earlier, it was used to build pyramids and till date, it has been gracing the home spaces. No wonder granite is an exotic stone and continues to meet the requirements of the homeowners.

Besides this, granite kitchen countertop creates a luxury look to space. If you are also planning to renovate your home and want to choose between the marble and granite, here are the reasons why granite makes the better impression than marble and other stones.

Reasons to Choose Granite Over Marbles

1. Timeless Beauty

While every homeowner looks for the durability, there’s no better option than granite. The unique interlocking in the granite makes it durable and gives the unique textured pattern to the slab. Because it is a natural stone no two slabs of the granite are identical giving a new pattern to each slab. And when added to the kitchen countertops or on the table tops, modifies any dull room into the exciting one.

2. Granite Won’t Fades With The Trend

Unlike other materials which remain only for a time in the trend, granite, on the other hand, offers timeless beauty and remain new for the years to come. While other materials record more sales according to trend, granite’s record remains constant making it a great choice. Choose granite over marble as marble trend may fade with the time.

3. Incorporating Granite Increases Value of Home

If you are planning to refurbish your home or building the home from scratch, installing the right material often increases the value of a home. When you use premium quality granite stone, you often boost the value of your home. Even you can add thousands of dollars more when you are about to sell your home. Marble, on the other hand, needs more maintenance than granite.

4. Granite Is Resistant To Stain & Scratch

One of the top reasons for choosing granite over marble is the fact they are resistant to stain and scratch. You use the knife, meat cleavers and other sharp objects in the kitchen resulting in scratching the surface. Therefore, it is recommended to use granite countertops in the kitchen as it is free from stain and scratch. Homeowners, who are extra protective, can seal their countertops frequently to achieve lifetime conditioning.  

5.    Granite Complements Most Homeowners Choices

Choosing granite relaxes you from many decisions. If you are interested in featuring the traditional touch to the home space or want to add some modern look to your home, granite complements each style very well and offers many options.

When it comes to design, granite has the plethora of varieties to offer. There are many options to choose from – you can select any color to match with your kitchen designs. Marble, on the other hand, gives you many options too but choosing one needs some knowledge.

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