5 Reasons Why Home Decor With Granite Is Most Impressive For Guests

If you are given the choices - granite, marble, limestone, and quartz which stone you would choose to revamp your interior and outer settings? Granite? Why? Just, because it is the majority choice of homeowners? 

No wonder, granite is much renowned for its timeless beauty and alluring appearance. It is a unique stone and continues to meet the demands of the sophisticated homeowners. When it comes to modifying any spaces you always consider a stone that should feature durability, a stunning appearance, and a little bit customization. Going with the above essentials, no other stone than granite may fit perfectly with the homeowner demands. 

Before, you pick any other natural stone for refurbishment below point’s highlights why home décor with granite is the first choice of homeowners

1.    Granite Increases the Value of Your Home

When it comes to selling many homeowners expect 100% ROI in granite investment. Unlike other stone countertops which disappoint you after years of usage, granite, on the other hand, impresses the visitors with its beauty and shine even after 10-15 years. This is the reason why granite countertops one-time installation is worth.

2.    Myriads of Style and Design

No two pieces of granite slab come identically. Each slab differs in texture and pattern and gives a unique appearance to space. Right from earthy tones to the highlighting shades of yellow, green and red, granite do wonders in your home regardless of style and design. The granite slabs impress the guest with its superior durability and royal look. 

3.    Resistant to Heat, Stain, and Etch

What worries you most… the stains and the spots that highlight in the kitchen? After each meal, there is a need of cleaning those stubborn stains and spots on the countertops. With granite as a kitchen worktop, you only need a soft cloth and a mild cleanser to keep your space looking beautiful and charismatic. In addition, granite is resistant to heat, stain, etch and even won’t scorch if you accidentally put hot pans over it. 

4.    Improves the Look of any Dull Space

There’s no denying the fact that granite delivers the luxurious appearance to any home projects, regardless of the size and textures chosen. It is made of natural material, and going with the today’s trend ‘environment-friendly’ granite is environmentally safe and improves the appearances of any of your dull settings with its rich pattern and fine textures.

5.    Quite Affordable

With prices starting from $25 per foot, it eliminates the need of buying laminates. Granite can be cut, polished or honed as per your requirements. Even if you add an edge to it, it fits the price within your budget. Unlike other stones which may cost you the huge amount, granite comes cheap and affordable. 

Where to Buy?

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