5 Stone Products You Should Buy For Your Next Flooring

The stone floors always look stylish and classy. The naturally hard surface is ideal for climate changes and does not mix with dust and other allergens. You may renovate your countertops, accent walls, showers but if floors are not replaced with the new settings your room doesn’t look up to date. 

So if you are planning for a renovation and looking for the product to fit your budget and choices we have a quick compilation of the best 5 products from our store.

Before you finalize a product for your floorings get the best knowledge of few stones below.

Antico Cream

Antico Cream features the spectacular warm white background with light gold and brown flecks. In addition, a subtle touch of shimmery flecks on the stone adds a charm and elegance to the floor. If you want to add a dark and light combination in your kitchen make use of Antico Cream on the floors to give a contrasting look to your space.

Crema Marfil

Hails from Spain, this classic Crema Marfil features a marble with tan undertones. The subtle brownish look and a little tint of white on the surface when applied to the floors give a royal look to space. Simply create the aesthetic with this unique collection of marble in floorings, countertops and wall tiles. You don’t have to worry about the other stone to be added with the Crema Marfil as the light brown color of the marble complements well with any of your contemporary and traditional looks.

Noce Travertine Honed 3 CM

The natural beauty of the stone is shaped by different unusual features in each slab. The brownish appearance of the stone mixes well with any color and gives a fully smooth finish. Travertine honed requires a little maintenance and do not allow visibility of patterns or wearing. The warmth in this stone merges any design and style with its simplicity and feel.

Tornado White 3 CM

Till date, white color has maintained its simplicity and luxury. Tornado is the semi-exotic stone from Brazil. Tornado white, when applied to the floor, gives luxury in all senses. It is a type of stone that provides a number of possibilities for application. The amazing mix of white, pink and grey on the surface enhances the overall look of your home space.

Breccia Oniciata 3 CM

Marble is actually a blessing for the homeowners. This classically alluring stone is a prominent choice of homeowners to decorate their inner settings. The majestic blend of colors in Breccia Oniciata 3 CM marble makes space look spectacular and stunning. In addition, the marble slab won’t fade with the time.

So if you are seeking for the right stone to add on your floors choose the stone from the above best selection. Buy any of the above stone from Cosmos Granite and Marble – a most trusted store that has a wide collection of granite, marble, travertine and quartz products.

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