5 Stones To Add Mosaic Pattern Appearance With Your New Home Decor

Adding colors, monochromatic designs, the finest textures and artworks always boost the appearance of the dull and old spaces. Now that you have acknowledged about the best and effective stones to incorporate into your home, get acquainted with the latest crafts i.e. mosaic pattern a new trendsetter in the designing field.

For those who are the uninitiated mosaic pattern is a glamorous piece of art created by the collection of small pieces of stones, colorful glass, and other materials. Grace your home interiors, and add warmth and stunning look to your home settings with the mosaic patterns.

1. Innova Taupe 2x2 Mosaic

If you are really seeking out for something exotic and unique to add in your space, incorporate Innova Taupe mosaic that gives a subtle look to the entire area of your home. The mosaic pattern of the tiles offers a traditional, classic and a modern look to the backsplashes, interior decorations, and other bathroom and kitchen settings. If you are interested in buying Innova Taupe, step into cosmos Granite and Marble Store at your nearby location and catch the latest collection of the product.

2. Magma – Charcoal 1*12 Mosaic

The amazing combination of the brown and black in the Magma Charcoal grabs the attention of the homeowners. What’s more interesting is that the stone is resistant to frost and thermal shock, and even doesn’t allow any chemicals to retreat the changes on the surface. The tiles, when added in designing patterns, give the aesthetic appeal to the entire floor.The tile is mainly used for wall decoration, floors, and backslashes.

3. Marina - Walnut 1x12 Mosaic

Love eating walnut? Why not grab your hands on the Marina- walnut to give a mosaic pattern touch to your floors. With minimal upkeep and glazed appearance, the tile makes the application look lavish and shiny. Marina walnut gives a dramatic touch, to the outdoor and indoor settings, including countertops and walls. Catch the product live at Cosmos Granite and Marble store at your nearby location.

4. Petrified Wood - Beige Matte 2X2 Mosaic

Experience something beautiful and effective for your commercial and residential space with petrified wood – beige matte 2*2 mosaic. If you don’t want to go with the highlight or contrasting shades, add muted color i.e.beige for your home settings. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the thermal shock and moisture when it rains because the tile is strictly resistant to thermal shock, frost, and moisture.

5.    Venus - Brown 3x3 Mosaic

Venus - Brown 3x3 Mosaic is something durable that every homeowner looks for. The tile looks beautiful and elegant when applied in a high trafficking area like bathrooms and kitchens. Venus brown mosaic is denser and offers better resistance to scratches over the years. The tile is suitable for the interior and outer settings and particularly preferred by the homeowners with pets and kids.

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