5 Things You Should Know About Dishwashers & Hard Surfaces

You might have experienced and enjoyed the use of automatically machines as they are the real time saver in the kitchen, but do you know these machines can sometimes damage your items? And even some of the dishwashers are quite expensive to replace. If you want to deal with the dishwasher in your house you should be sure that it performs its best. Few things can literally ruin the dishwasher value, so here are the things you should know about dishwashers.

1. Dishwashers are More Efficient to Use than Washing Dishes by Hand

The foremost point to use dishwasher is that it saves a lot of water. A Premium quality dishwasher uses less water and most importantly saves your time. The water saving is more efficient with new dishwasher models.

2. A Little Secret About Sparkling Dishes

Sometimes your dishes look stinky and dull, just try your hands on vinegar to restore everything. With every single wash of dish, place a cup full of white vinegar in the center, that’s it. Adding vinegar is quite helpful in getting rid of awful smells and cloudy glasses. So here was the secret to your sparkling dishes. Remember not to use harsh and hard detergents to clean the utensils you put in the washer as it may ruin the dish surface.

3. Do Not Make A Mistake Of Putting Painted Glass In Dishwasher

Though, the techniques to commercial painting on glasses have improved they are not well suited to work in the dishwasher. The harsh detergent you use to clean the dishes may remove the paint in just one wash, and what you would do with the glass with no measurement? Better you wash the glasses by hand.

4. Do Not Add Wood Or Knives To The Dishwashers

The harsh detergents can strip the oil, making the wooden utensil to dry out results in cracking. Remember to wash wooden utensils separately in warm water. Wooden crockeries get swollen and get cracked in a dishwasher. It may sometimes make utensils go leak. Take your time and load your utensils wisely to make it quicker and easier to unload them.

5. Sharp Edges Object Should Not be Placed In The Dishwasher

Remember not to put any sharp edged objects in the machines. Graters can scratch the coating on the objects and you may note rust on it. And if you load the dishwashers with these small items having holes, it is nearly impossible to remove the dirt and the food particles from them. So better you wash these items with your hands.

The dishwasher is the center of the attraction of your kitchen, you put dirty dishes in and it comes out clean, but be careful about the things what you put into it otherwise you are unknowingly harming it.

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