6 Exotic Marble Stone Known For Their Luxurious Looks

Renovating your home or planning it from scratch needs a good judgment of stone materials, affordable slabs, multipurpose texture, and designs. In a time, natural stone is everywhere, really, it’s normal to observe these kinds of stone on walls, kitchen countertops, on entrance gates etc. 

No wonder, marble is a boon for the interior designers. Over the centuries, marble is known for its elegance and opulent look. So, if you have decided to incorporate marble into your home, here are some marble stones which are known for their luxurious looks.

1 Brown Fantasy 3CM

Planning to refurbish your home or office settings? If yes, why not try your hands on Brown Fantasy – the marble known for its luxurious look and fine veining. Apart from its look, the slab is also considered best for its versatility. Apply Brown Fantasy in slab or tile format in your bathrooms, kitchen and other interior and exterior settings. Furthermore, the stone ensures the durability in terms of appearance and breakage.

2 Crema Marfil 3CM

Some homeowners don’t prefer pure white marble stone in their home and especially in a kitchen. If you are also the one then there’s a marble stone which meets all of your demand in appearance and durability. Crema Marfil 3CM entertains every homeowner with its subtle combination of brown and cream and enhances the feel of the kitchen and bathroom settings.

3 Inca Rosalare 3CM

Seeking out for something exotic, classy and elegant stone? Then Inca Rosalare should be your choice. The stone is been chosen by some famous sculptures for their work, besides this, the exceptional qualities i.e. look, durability, minimal maintenance etc of Inca Rosalare urges everyone to select one for their revamping schedule.

4 Fantasia Beige 3 CM

This magnificent marble tile is a perfect choice for designing pavements, walls, and artistic sculptures. The rich texture, crystalline structure and porosity of Fantasia Beige create a smooth effect in your preferred area. Remember this marble stone needs advancement sealants to clear the etching marks and staining spots. Pay a visit to Cosmos Granite & Marble store at your nearby location to catch the look of the stone in persona.

5 Michael Angelo 3CM

Originated from Pakistan, Michael Angelo is another super cool yet interesting marble slab which is widely used in applications including countertops, floorings, backsplash etc. Create a beautiful space with Michael Angelo through the guidance of our experts. The bright and dark blue colors when mixed give an alluring stone Michael Angelo. The glossiness of the marble often gives the lavish and the classy feel to the entire space.

6 Sereta Brown 3CM

If you are not interested for installing subtle shades, go for something unique and for the stone which gives the traditional feel and royal appearance to the entire space. Sereta Brown 3CM brings liveliness to the kitchen. Create a lovely layout in your kitchen and office space while arranging the tile in diagonal format.

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