6 Most Important Stones For Your Workspace & Home Decor

Be it a granite or marble, choosing one out of thousands of products is never easy. Thinking of a renovation to your old bedroom and dull spaces? Still confused which stone to pick for your next home décor? Here we have compiled the best stones ever used to decorate your interior and outdoor settings.

Absolute Black Honed

Absolute Black Honed features a simple polish that gives you a shiny appearance such that you are able to see a reflection. The stone looks fantastic and enhances the look of any dull and boring spaces. Absolute Honed is used to decorate interiors including showers, countertops, backsplashes etc. it provides a sophisticated look to your home spaces.

Tornado White 3CM

White is the only color that always gives a rich texture and a loyal look to the projects. It is a symbol of elegance. Tornado White is semi-exotic granite which brings an opulent look to the defined space. This exclusive granite provides a number of possibilities of application. It is widely used to embellish backsplashes, accent walls, kitchen countertops and floorings.

Bianco Gioia 3 CM

If granite is not your choice, you can also go for marble. The spectacular texture and a subtle glow of stone bring back your childhood memories with the same pattern and décor. Marble is often valued for its richness and beauty. Bianco Gioia is resistant to scratches and breakages. It doesn’t get damaged until a great force is applied. The stone is the prominent choice of homeowners as it never fades with the time.

Brown Fantasy 3 CM

Brown Fantasy is truly an exception. The marble ensures the durability and flexibility for the long years. It always looks new and majestic even after long years of the usage. If you are thinking of renovating your home or office try Brown Fantasy and impress your visitors. In addition, the color of the stone also merges well with any contrasting or natural shades.

Ash Light CQ 3 CM

The intense and the soft looking grayish colored quartz add warmth to any space. It carries unique patterns and amazing texture all over the surface. Ash Light when applied to dining, kitchen countertops, interiors, showers or any area complements your traditional touch and brighten the modern look of your settings.

Statuario Extra CQ 3CM

Statuario Extra is a spectacular stone with grey and white veins all over the surface. This quartz gives an unusual appearance when arranged in an exotic pattern that gives a look of the beautiful mountain or an inverted V. Try the stone in your commercial and residential spaces. In addition, it gives a majestic look when added to bathroom walls.

Don’t worry if you didn’t find your favorite product in the list, we have more varieties of quartz, marble, granite, and soapstone which may fit your choices and budget.

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