7 Most Creative 2018 Bathroom Trends In Dallas

Though many homeowners in Dallas suppose the restroom as the dullest yet the non-fashionable space to be decorated. But for some people, bathroom is the only place to escape from hectic schedules and stress of the daily routine. You may not agree but just like your living space and kitchen settings a quick renovation in a bathroom does help a lot in enhancing the home’s value.

A bathroom is simply not a place to wash away the dirt but it is also the best spa retreat place that helps you relieve the negative emotions of the day.

Catch the Latest Dallas Based Bathroom Trends 2018

1. Make the Best Use Of Ceramics And Marble

While marble is the first choice of homeowners in Dallas, Ceramics is another stone that looks equally great in bathrooms. A subtle combination of marble and ceramic for floors and showers in geometric patterns, multicoloured and other forms looks stunning in bathroom space. If you are not in a mood to add ceramic with marble, other natural stones such as quartz suits best with it.

2. Stylish Furniture

Who would think of putting furniture like a chair in a bathroom? Though bathroom is not the place where you would like to consider chairs, a quick renovation with furniture can do wonders. If you have enough space, just add cozy stairs where you can hang your garbs.

3. High-tech Toilets

2018 would likely to see high-tech toilets. For years, Japan is known to have the most high-tech toilets, but nowadays every homeowner’s wishes to build the same. The high tech toilet will see adjustable air dryer, seat warmers, automatically built deodorizers etc. You may see the wireless music player that starts playing music when the lid is opened and gets turned off when it is put back down.

4. His And Hers Showers

His and Her shower is the perfect solution for the couple who fights regularly for rushing first into the bathroom. What you need is the large bathroom space with separate showers and controls. Be with you bar at the same time and enjoy the hot or cool shower at your settings.

5. Neutral Bathrooms

While vibrant colour palette remains trendy for a couple of years, neutral decors have been attracting the homeowners from the decades. A punch of neutral bathroom with organic infusion looks quite fascinating and creates a more relaxing environment. There are a number of ways you can combine this classic touch with the organic touch. For instance, you may add nature-inspired wallpaper design, or add mosaic patterns to the wall.

6. Bathtub For Two

If you are one the couples who wouldn’t like leaving the bar even in the bathrooms then, bathtub for two is the perfect for you, moreover according to the trends, the same is going to be popular in 2018.

7. Different Tile Shapes

With the change in technology, manufacturers can now easily cut and shape the tiles according to the homeowner requirements. What attracts the homeowners most is the addition of graphics and colors to the tile that ultimately modifies the shape of the tile into something more appealing. So go for, chevron patterns, diamond, hexagon or arabesque in new colors and patterns.

The possibilities in a bathroom are countless. Experience the 2018 ongoing trends and combine them with natural stones to achieve the stunning look. Are you ready to get started? Pay a visit to Cosmos Granite and Marble to pick the best stone for your bathroom settings, moreover, our experts are always on the observation for new trends. Give us a call or reach us here.

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