8 Best Places To Use Travertine Tiles

Over the years, it has been noted that more and more of homeowners are choosing natural stones to refurbish their home as it offers more applications than other stones in the market. When it comes to remodeling and home decor, you need a better judgment of the latest techniques, color choices, upcoming trends and especially the best stone material to enhance the look of your old home.

While that you have left quartz, granite, onyx, limestone and want to try your hands on travertine here are some of the places where Travertine tiles can do wonders in your home.

1. Grand Entrance To Your Home

If you are in a mood to add something luxurious and exotic at your home entrance, look forward to travertine. The stone is much popular for its sharp qualities and subtle look. Whether you chose travertine tiles on floors or on the sides of the wall, the stone is a gorgeous addition to your entry.

2. Travertine Is A Luxurious Addition Bathroom

Being versatile in nature travertine tile has become the first choice for homeowners to use in bathroom space. The custom pattern and the diagonal arrangement of the tiles to the showers and floors give a sophisticated look to the bathroom.

3. A Glamorous Addition Of The Outdoor Home Space

Not only travertine enhances the appearance of the interior settings, you never know how it does wonder to the outside spaces too. Whether you are seeking for the stones to revamp the garden pathway or swimming areas, travertine tile can shine your outer areas with its versatility, plus it keeps its beauty intact throughout the summers and chilling winters.

4.  A Travertine Striking Accent Wall

One of the best reasons to choose Travertine tile is it can be easily cut and modified into different shapes. If you are looking for something unique and striking to add to the wall go for travertine tiles. The tiles, when added to the wall (one side), attract the visitors, and give a subtle look to the entire room.   

5. An Astonishing Addition Of The Home Staircases

Usually, homeowners don’t think of adding something like that of natural stones on the staircases. Being resistant to slip travertine tiles makes the perfect addition to the staircases. In addition, travertine tile doesn’t lose it coolness in high temperature, thus making it the best choice for the staircases.

6. Fireplace Paving

No wonder Fireplace paving is a glamorous addition to your home. Opt for polished or unpolished travertine tiles for fireplace paving to lure your visitors. Travertine tiles give a striking look to the fireplace surround with its texture and smooth finish.

7. Showstopper Kitchen

A kitchen is one place that is entertained by your guests, kids and most importantly by you. Look for travertine tiles to use as kitchen countertops, backsplashes to get a wow look. Consider using light and dark or some contrasting shades of the travertine tiles in a kitchen to make it the more exciting place for cooking your meal.

8. Travertine Tiles As The Garden Seats

You might have the walk over the travertine floorings in a garden, but adding the same tiles on the garden seats can change the entire look of the place.

Tip - Choose same texture and pattern of the tiles for the garden settings to get a more enhanced look of the tiles.

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