9 Home Decor Accessories That Enhance The Beauty Of Natural Stones

Adding an accessory with the monochromatic designs and textures always enhances the look of the dull spaces. While that you have modified your kitchen countertops, bathroom spaces and outer settings to impress your guests a little addition of accessories can surprise you with their attractive appearance making your area look more graceful and stylish.

Accessories grace the modern interiors and add warmth, interest, and depth to the kitchen and other premises settings.

Artistic Painting And Craft Works

If you are a big fan of artistic works, incorporating them into the bedroom and hall can easily brighten up space. No doubt, craft works looks excellent and creates the magnifying effects, but when added to the walls with natural stone looks more impressing and alluring. You can add the optical illusion paintings or large 3d images to gratify your space.


Natural Stone Lamps

While that you have decorated your bathrooms, kitchens and exterior settings with granite, adding some home decor accessories that too made of natural stones like lamps, wall clocks or photo frames is a great addition to your list. A little more to this, you can buy hand carved lamps from natural stones to impress your guests.


Modern Wallpaper Designs

Even after adding the natural stones to the walls, your space is not creating a stunning effect to impress the visitors; modern wallpaper on one side of the wall can do wonders.

Decorating the wall with the wallpaper design that of with geometric patterns or nature trends amplifies the appearance of the room covered with natural stones.


Appealing Fabrics

Though natural stones like granite and marble rejuvenate your space, a quick addition of decorative fabrics instantly freshens up the mood and evokes the positive emotions too. Decorate your bedroom walls or cabinets with natural stones and add matching fabrics or contrasting touch on your bed and sofa.


Pleasant House Plants

Embellish your kitchen or hall with houseplants. Adding plants in a room is an eco-friendly way to grace your interior and classy decor. Plants make an appealing home décor accessory that adds warmth, natural touch and pleasant feel to the rooms.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about the hole in your pockets as adding a plant is quite cheap and brilliant idea, healthy and suits everyone irrespective of age and gender.


Wooden Carpets / Wooden Stands

Wood is an excellent designing material and the fascinating home decor accessory that makes the interior spaces cozy, peaceful and enchanting. Wooden accessories look great when added to the interiors with natural stones. The brownish shade of the wood complements well with the white and muted shades of the marble.



If you have enough space in your home, a small fountain is a gorgeous addition to your living room. Experience the tranquilizing sound, a pleasant sight of running water with a glamorous natural stone fountain.


Hand-Carved Natural Stone Vases

Bring elegance right to your doorstep with beautifully carved natural stone vases. The fantastic natural color and the dramatic veins on the vase instantly catch the attention and enhances the look of your home.  

source - 'pebblez'

Textured Home Furnishings

Incorporating the distinctive furniture pieces and beautiful lighting fixtures into interior settings with natural stones is a brilliant idea to spice up the kitchen or bedroom décor. Lighting in the room allows you to create mesmerizing effect and shadows and beautifies the living space.


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