An Ultimate Guide To Differentiate Granite And Ceramic Tile

Opting between any two natural stone needs a good judgment of styles, finishing, trends and budget preferences. Whether you select granite, limestone or marble, the installation with replacement policy and cost of the stone vary according to the style and the type of product you have selected for your residential or commercial settings. So, if you are planning to add something like granite or ceramic while something unique, exotic and fascinating style to add to your interior or exterior settings, here’s how the two differ in appearance and features.

1. Aesthetic Appeal

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, Ceramic tile entertains every homeowner with myriads of shades, color variations, unique patterns, and styles. While granite is a natural stone and is usually marked with lesser color variations in comparison to ceramic and is often seen as sophisticated material. Both types of tile are available in unglazed or glazed form. Unglazed tiles are rustic and natural, glazed tiles are polished and deliver shining appearance.

2. Maintenance

Obviously, the flooring requires better maintenance than carpet, so are you ready to spend your time in cleaning the floor? When it comes to granite tile flooring, it is one of the hardest and durable natural stone making it less likely to damage or chip than ceramic, however, it is more porous and doesn’t bear staining. So, if you are about to buy granite tiles for your project, be prepare to reseal it every year. Overall, it requires more maintenance than ceramic.

3. Installation Guide to Granite and Ceramic

You can even install the stones by yourself, but if you are the novice and have considered calling the fabricators for installation then remember to add the price of installation in your buying budget. When it comes to installation, granite is far expensive than ceramic. If you are looking forward to DIY techniques remember that installation of ceramic is considerably easier than granite and you will need machines and tools to design it in the shape.

4. Budget Preferences

One of the crucial deciding factors between any materials is its cost. Ceramic is more budget-friendly than granite. However, you can pay more for well textured and finished styles of good quality granite and ceramic. Just make a list of your preferred designs and consider which fits comfortably in your price range. If you are failing in budget but still prefer granite over ceramic, consider using it small tile format for small areas or for a bathroom.

5. Added Value

Considering your neighborhood trend, if enhancing the value of your home is the only goal, go with granite tile and countertops. As granite gives you better ROI at the time of selling. If you are using the same kitchen accessories and cabinets for years, and want some upgradation use ceramic tile to make your kitchen look impressive and alluring.

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