Ash White Glass - Properties, Usage, Buying Guide

The glass is creating a new change in the world of renovation. Gone are those days when homeowners were only restricted to granite, quartz, and marbles, nowadays glass has become the topmost choice to renovate the home spaces. 

The new trend of applying glass on countertops, floors and fireplaces is stealing the limelight. Ash white glass is the most common product ever used by homeowners to decorate their spaces. Let’s know more about its properties and usage.


  • If you are looking for something unique and fresh for your kitchen, Ash white Glass is what you need. The Ash White Glass can be mold, shaped and transformed into any desired shape and size .i.e. it can be stretched beyond imagination.
  • The product is extremely durable as it doesn’t fade or age over time. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the discoloration for long years.
  • Unlike other stones which don't allow heat pans to stand on the surface, the Ash White glass is resistant to heat and can withstand the heat of the hot pans without shrinkage.
  • The lack of porosity also makes Ash White Glass a best hygienic option to use in the kitchen as it doesn’t allow bacteria or other micro-organisms to sit on the surface of the glass countertops.
  • Besides this, the glass requires minimal keep-up i.e. the stains can be cleaned easily with a quick mix of water and soap.
  • Eco-friendly is an added benefit. Even the homeowners who stay much concern about the environment can buy Ash White Glass, as it is made from the recycled materials, making it the perfect choice for home, office cabins and other places.


Like granite and other stones, Ash white glass is used widely in renovating bathroom vanities, shower stalls, stairwells, cladding and tub surroundings. The product when applied to any of the interior and exterior places enhances the space as it allows the natural light to pass through it.

Buying Guide

Just like you check out the factors needed when you choose granite and other stones to install in your space, similarly make a note whether glass would look nice in your happening kitchen? Do you have intelligent kids who can bear the wear and tear of the glass?

Though glass countertops are durable enough, it totally depends on your lifestyle how you handle them. Keeping the class countertop clean every time with kids can be a tough job. Just that glass is durable enough that doesn’t mean you can blindly cut the vegetables on its surface. Using the chopper is a good habit.

All Glass products may appear same to you but each of them carries unique features and properties. Each of the glass has different heat strengths and flexibility.

Where to Buy

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