Best And Worst Stone Tiles For Pets

You might not aware but many factors play a crucial role in choosing the surface material for your home. Whether you are revamping the entire model or building it from scratch, select the right flooring, especially when you are having pets is a tough task. For pet owners, it’s a vital decision, as pets may cause more scratches on the surface. So, here we have come up with the pet-friendly guide for you.


Hardwood is a traditional choice for the homeowners. The harder the wood, it will be more resistant to scratches. Go with the engineered hardwood, catch the latest beautiful style, and exciting choices of textures in hardwood floorings. Go with the hardwood that is coated with urethane to make your floor bearable with stain and scratch.

Laminate Floors

Every homeowner who owns a pet wishes to have floors that are easy to clean and make pet comfortable for sleep. Laminate floorings are resistant to scratch, thus keep your floors safe from a dog’s nail. It can easily be used in areas where your pets hang around in your home. Remember that spills may flow in between causing permanent damage to the surface.

Carpet Tiles

This kind of tiles offers a soft landing for your pets. Carpet tiles suit well in low traffic areas such as bedrooms. It can be replaced easily if damage occurs. Though carpet tiles are difficult to clean, the dust and the stains can be vacuumed easily. Install carpet tiles properly, if you do not take care, the dust in the carpet tiles may damage your pet’s nail.

Ceramic/ Porcelain Tile

Though ceramic and porcelain tiles are mostly used in bathrooms, these can do wonders when installing in other areas of the home. As the porcelain tiles are water resistant, it makes an ideal choice for pet owners. The stains on the tiles don't cause any damage to tiles, keeping your area clean and safe from pet’s poo.

Stone Tile

Stone tile is the finest choice for homeowners having pets. The stone tiles don't stain and scratch easily; additionally, it gets clean easily without making you worry about the floor getting damaged. Stone tiles are hard enough but keep the pets safe if they aren’t comfortable to lie on. Remember that stone tile is quite slippery and can cause uneasiness to your pets.


You might not have used bamboo flooring in your home, but using it in areas where pets live make sense. The harder the bamboo surface, more likely it will be resistant to dent or stain.

Before you consider any flooring for tiles, research yourself and analyze closely, which material you should choose according to your home and budget preferences. Different manufacturers highlight different qualities of the product, ensure that you have chosen the best.

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