Calacatta Marble For Luxury Home Decor - Complete Guide & Features

You can’t disagree that marble is one of the most lavish natural material ever found. One of the added benefits of using marble is that you don’t have to bother about the matching and color settings with the existing countertops and bathroom fittings. 

When it comes to remodeling, you always look for the material that comes in your budget, should be maintenance free and judged for its eternal beauty. So, if you are searching for the same, try your hands on Calacatta and experience the richness, dramatic veining and elegance in your home.  

Calacatta Marble is one of a kind of natural stone that is known for its pristine look and wide of applications. Now that you have chosen to add Calacatta for your next project, getting acquainted with its looks, features, and other hidden properties is not a bad idea. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Calacatta Marble impresses every visitor with its soothing white background, veining and muted color tone. The marble is often confused with the Carrara marble, but Calacatta is distinguished by its unstructured veins. The dramatic combination of whites and golds on the surface make this stunning marble an ideal choice to grace countertops, floors, and backsplashes. 

Properties Of Calacatta Marble

Like every natural stone product, Calacatta Marble is also known to be rare, beautiful and expensive too. Calacatta is so unique and is available at very few locations. The marble is considered to be similar to Carrara marble, but it is actually rarer than Carrara. 

One of the amazing things to note about Calacatta marble is that it’s veining changes from grey to gold tones if noticed at different timings in a day. Overall, it is aesthetically level above than other natural stones and is a perfect choice to add to your commercial and residential projects.

Calacatta Marble Looks Best

It is quite expensive stone and used effectively in visible areas. Calacatta Marble looks impressive and fascinating as floorings in corporate offices. The stone is always recommended to add in indoor settings like backsplashes and kitchen countertops. Besides this, it also looks great when coordinating with wall and floor tiles. 

It’s All About Luxury

Calacatta itself means luxury. The stone leaves a lasting impact on the feel of a house. If you have decided to go for Calacatta, one thing is for sure that you are bringing an opulent feel to your home and your relatives will be the envy of you. The marble is a common choice for modern designs and continues to capture a beguiling look every time you look at it. 

Ease Of Clean

Another reason why homeowners wish to add a marble to their home is its ease of maintenance. Marble gets easily cleaned with a quick swipe of water and soap. Therefore, don’t panic if you spill sauce, or juice on the marble floors as stains on the countertops and floorings can be cleaned with an easy mix of household items. 

Where To Buy?

We at Cosmos Granite and Marble Store promise to deliver the premium quality of natural stones at fair prices. Buy Calacatta marble from the Cosmos store located at your nearby location. Still, if you have any query about the Calacatta Marble or want to go with other stone product, feel free to contact us here.

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