Cygnus Quartzite Slab - Pros, Cons & Comparison With Other Stone Slabs

Cygnus is one of its own kinds of quartzite that features light grey and brown shades to make any space look appealing and impressing to the visitors. Over the centuries Quartzite is valued for its durability, appearance, and richness. It has been sought out as the best flooring material for long years. If you are planning out for renovation, why not try one of the popular quartzite slabs – Cygnus Quartzite slab this time for flooring, walls, stairs and other designing projects.


Quartzite is an extremely hard metamorphic rock that initially originated as sandstone. Undergoing through different procedures of heating and pressurization, the sandstone is then modified into quartzite. The individual piece of the quartzite is then recrystallized giving it a stunning and decorative pattern for the refurbishment. Cygnus Quartzite slab is ideal for using it as a countertop due to its long lasting and strong composition.

Pros Of Using Cygnus Quartzite Slab

Popular Choice Among Homeowners

Quartzite is a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners. The sophisticated look of the quartzite, when combined with crystallized sparkle, stylish appearance, and amazing shades, makes it the best choice for everything from walls to stairs and flooring to kitchen.

Cygnus Quartzite is Extremely Durable

It is one of the hardest materials ever available for the surfacing. Quartzite might get chip a little if proper care is not taken, make sure that you take care of the edges. With proper care, this kind of slabs gives a long lasting look for over years.

Looks Like A Marble

For homeowners who love the look of marble but not confident enough of spending a lavish amount on the marble can go with the Cygnus quartzite. Plus it requires minimal upkeep and serves as the best option for consumers who would like to go for the marble look.

It Is Heat Resistant

As mentioned above Cygnus Quartzite features a beautiful pattern of streaks in it. Obviously, the speckles look beautiful but sometimes homeowners worry about its fading. While installing Cygnus Quartzite you don’t have to worry about the discoloration as the color of the stone doesn’t fade with time even when exposed directly to sunlight.

Drawbacks Of Using Cygnus Quartzite Slab

Limited Color Options

If you have set your mind with the specific color, you can never buy a quartzite as there is a limited color option available for the quartzite. Cygnus Quartzite features grey and white shade, sometimes composition of iron oxide in the slab gives a little hint of red and pink over the surface.

Needs Frequent Sealing

Just like any other basic natural stone Cygnus Quartzite also needs some maintenance. The slab requires sealing to prevent staining. Plus, different quartzite requires less or more sealants than others.

Compare to Other Stones

Cygnus Quartzite is a beautiful stone that many homeowners find it to the ideal for the countertops and other home areas. It doesn’t need frequent maintenance only a bit of careful handful is needed to avoid chipping, but when treated with care the Cygnus Quartzite gives the impressive look for long years.  

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