Cygnus Vs Crystal Quartzite - Which One Is Better

Quartzite is one of a kind of stones that never fails to impress your visitor. It has been considered as the most sorted stones for a commercial and residential purpose. 

Choosing the stone that is durable, flexible and complements well with your old and classic design is a tough combination. With Cygnus and Crystal Quartzite as an option, you don’t have to worry about the above factors. Let’s check out what made Cygnus and Crystal Quartzite different from each other.

Aesthetic Value And Appearance

The sophisticated look of the Cygnus quartzite is combined with the sparkling texture and unusual shades of black and grey. This stunning mix of colors and crystallized textures makes it the prominent choice for walls, floorings, and kitchen.

On the other hand Crystal Quartzite is something which enhances the look of any dull area. The soft gray background nicely contrasts with brown veins creating beautiful Crystal quartzite to decorate accent walls, floors, backsplashes, and fireplace surround.


Quartzite is one of the hardest materials available for surfacing. Both the stones might get chip a little if you avoid the proper care. Just not to forget to take care of the edges, if proper care is taken both the quartzite stones can give you the long lasting look for many years.

Heat Resistant

Both the stones feature a dazzling veining pattern. The beautiful speckles on the surface of the stone enhance the look of the dull surface and complement well with any traditional and contemporary design. Heat resistant is another added benefit of using quartzite in a home. Crystal and Cygnus are resistant to heat i.e. you don’t have to panic if you put the hot pans on the surface. In addition, the Crystal Quartzite never discolors with the time.

A Replica Of Marble

If you are one of those who loves the marble but couldn’t afford the heavy pricing of marble, then Crystal quartzite is the best option for you. Quartzite gives the same look of marble when applied to projects. It totally depends on you, which color you prefer. Cygnus is a mix of black and grey with the little tint of white, Crystal Quartzite is an amazing mix of white and brown veins all over the surface.

Cygnus Vs Crystal Quartzite

Each of the stones is unique in its own way. You can either choose Cygnus to decorate your interior and outer settings or select Crystal Quartzite to embellish your residential projects. When treated with care both the stone gives a majestic look for long years.

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