Everything You Should Know About Eco-Friendly Countertops

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen settings, you must have browsed the net and stepped into the stores to get the best countertops for your kitchen. Even, if you have searched for the best materials online or have gone to the professionals, both have detailed you about the ‘eco-friendly’ materials for kitchen countertops.

Perhaps, the most daunting task in a home is to replace the kitchen countertops. If you are really looking forward to replacing the worktop opt for eco-friendly countertops. So here, get yourself acquainted with more about eco-friendly countertops. Pick something flexible and durable that doesn’t target your pockets.

The cost of the green countertops varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It may cost you from $50-$150 per square foot.

Have You Ever Wondered What Makes Any Countertop Eco-friendly?

You must have heard about the eco-friendly materials, but do you know why they have been called as green? Because eco-friendly countertops featured sustainable content and recycled materials. The products used in creating eco countertops are non-toxic and keeps both human and environmentally safe.

Three Popular Eco-friendly Kitchen Countertops

1. Reclaimed Wood Countertops

Reclaimed wood gives a new life for the kitchen countertops. It offers unique appearance, and gives a traditional touch to the entire kitchen space and even make your project FSC certified – depending upon the quality and materials involved.

Buy the reclaimed wood from the local stores or directly from the manufacturers that use reclaimed materials. The reclaimed wood countertop needs frequent sealing made up of waxes or natural oils.

2. Glass Countertops

If you want to add something classy and gorgeous in your kitchen go for glass countertops. While some prefer simple glass countertops some do contribute to the environment using recycled glass countertops. Remember that this kind of countertops will pay you the same as of marble or granite slabs. 100% recycled glass countertops means that the slabs don't contain any chemicals, and the materials used can be reutilized.

These kind of countertops are available in resin, tiles, and concrete, the type totally depends on the material you chose for your kitchen space. Remember not to use any harsh chemical on the countertops.

3. Eco-friendly Paper Countertops

Paper countertops – sound’s interesting? It is made when paper fibers bind with resin to create the hard and durable surface. What’s more interesting is paper countertops are quite easy to install. Eco-friendly paper countertops include recycled paper, bamboo (renewable) and resin glue. These countertops are the excellent alternative to the plastic surfaces.

All the three eco-friendly countertops come in myriads of color option and texture and are resistant to heat, stain, and scratch.

These days eco-friendly countertops look exactly the way you see any granite or marble countertops. Sometimes going green doesn’t hamper your home value.

Save money and contribute to the environment by choosing eco-friendly countertop!

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