Home Decoration With Natural Stones: New Trends For 2018

When it comes to home decoration you always wish for something unique, outstanding and affordable stone materials to incorporate into walls and other residential settings. 

With so many decorating accessories and options available in the market choosing something unique, captivating and long – lasting to embellish your surroundings and that too in a budget is a tough task. So, if you are on the verge of adding something like this, below are some ideas what you can do with natural stones to decorate your home in a new year. 

Natural Stone Decoration Ideas For Your Next Project Renovation

1. Natural Stone Wall In The Room

You won’t disagree that natural stones, when added in the interiors, create a ravishing and magical atmosphere. Natural stones offer myriad of shapes, size, and colors to match your interior and exterior style. The versatility of the natural stone allows you to design your home walls so that you can capture a stunning look of the accent wall. Natural stone walls especially, in the living room, serves as a captivating background for traditional furniture and fireplace surrounds. Go with some contrasting color designs for designing your living room in 2018. 

2. A Mix Of Natural Stone In Kitchen

Have you ever thought of applying combinations of natural stone in your kitchen? You might have used particular slabs of granite, marble or limestone in your home settings, but going with this new trend combination of two or more tiles and slab formats of natural stone delivers an incredible look to the entire house. Go with the stunning combination of marble and granite for your kitchen countertops, moreover, you can also add mosaic pattern tiles in the fireplace and backsplash areas to get an alluring effect. 

3. Decorate Your Commercial Exteriors

Natural stone is quite ideal for embellishing the commercial exterior projects. Some of the stones in the collection need no maintenance and thus, it is meant to last forever. Natural stones are widely used in walkways, garden benches, pathways, monuments etc. When added in any of the projects highlights more prominent and exquisite features as a whole. 

4. Beautify Your Residential Exteriors

If you are not in a mood to revamp your commercial cabinets and settings this New Year, a quick renovation and replacement done in residential exteriors can make differences. Failing in budget is not an issue with natural stones; as there are many natural stones designs available with the low price tag. Moreover, each stone slab comes naturally designed and consist beautiful veins and shining and delivers the same impressive look which any other high pricing stone offers. 

5. Entrance To Your Home

Make this New Year Eve more interesting and fascinating with natural stones decoration. Replace the existing stones or paint on your entrance to home with the natural stones impeccable designs. The stones bring warmth to the environment and completely modify the living space. 

If you like the idea and want to renovate your existing settings in 2018, feel free to visit Cosmos Granite & Marble store at your nearby location. Our store provides an incredible collection of natural stones ranging from granite to limestone in myriads of varieties and textures. Get us in touch here.

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