How To Pair A Right Countertop With A Backsplash

It’s quite a dilemma how to set a perfect combination for a kitchen counter and backsplash. Often homeowners think is it okay to mix colors and mix patterns, how can you coordinate the settings with backsplash, how can one choose the appropriate colors to make the space overwhelmed. Like most of the styles, traditional or ultra modern, there is no rule meant or to be broken for the combinations used. So here are some common yet so elegant combos you can try for a change.

Here we have come up with the latest and stunning pair of backsplash and countertop combinations to help you out in the selection process.

Let’s Start With The Selection Of Countertop First

The countertop is the hub of the kitchen and selecting the best material within your budget is the foremost thing you should do at first. Your preferences, budget and the way you use it will bring more changes in your list. Besides this, countertop has fewer options in colors, textures, and patterns whereas, you can set backsplash matching with the color choices given.

Prefer Mosaic Tile pattern And Quartz Counter (Same Color)

Go With The Selection Of Backsplash

Even, if you are not at all comfortable in choosing the countertops before backsplash, don’t panic; select the backsplash of your choice first. The spectacular backsplash in the kitchen offers a lot of mix match of colors and textures as your backsplash should not compete with the equal attention of your selected countertop.

Tip: If both of your chosen products (countertop and backsplash) feature multiple colors and striking patterns, do stick to only one as overriding the colors will not feature a proper adherence.

Prefer Mosaic Tile backsplash And Granite Countertop

Choose Same Material For Both Settings

This is an especially clever option, if you choose some random material as the countertop and happen to have much material left, you can easily use as the backsplash. There’s completely no need of buying extra material for the backsplash. Choosing the same material is extremely a smart option if you are failing in budget.

Tip: Choose the slab form for countertops and break it into different tile formats to get a new look at your kitchen space.

Colorful countertops, when paired with the right backsplash, look funky and creative in the kitchen and your kid’s playing area.

Take Professional Advice

Not all but yes, many homeowners find difficult choosing the best material for their kitchen and this is the reason why material selection owes much importance in designing your residential and commercial premises.  

Even after getting advice from your neighbors and relatives, you are not sure what to add to your kitchen countertops and backsplash, take the help of experts. Hire an expert and admire the taste of professionals to bless your kitchen space. Pay a visit to Cosmos Granite & Marble store at your nearby location for further product choices and makeover guidance to your home.

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