How To Tell If The Granite Is Fake Or Real

Over the time, natural stones have delivered elegance and stunning effect to the commercial buildings and residential spaces. But it’s quite hard to differentiate if you are using authentic granite slab or not. With technology updates, it has become so easy to create the replica of the original stone with similar functionalities. No wonder, man-made granite has its individual features and value, but when you are looking for the original one there are certain things you should look for. So below are some characteristics of granite that may help you buy the real one on sight. 

Tips to Check if Granite is Real or Fake

1.  Analysis the Coloration and Pattern

Check the overall pattern and colors of the granite slab. If the color appears same throughout the surface i.e. it is man made granite because every slab of granite is unique in its own way. Granite is a natural stone and the veins, colors, and texture on the granite surface doesn’t matches with the second piece of the same slab. Man Made granite has almost no imperfections in the pattern while natural granite has some imperfections that can be easily noticed. 

2. Apply the Water Test

Another way of testing if the granite is real or fake is through the water test. Granite is engineered stone and is completely nonporous. If water is poured on the stone, it will not be absorbed as the engineered stones are made of epoxy resins and cannot absorb liquids. After pouring the water on granite wait for a reaction. If the stone absorbs the water, it will get darken i.e. it is porous and unsealed.

Note: This method is not 100% proof for identifying fake granite as it may take time if granite is dense and is well sealed with granite sealer.

3. Check Through Tapping

A quick tapping on the back of the granite surface can tell you a lot about its originality. When you tap on the back, granite does produce a ringing sound, a man-made stone is always prepared from the resins and crystals of stones thus it doesn’t produce sound. 

4. Ask for the Price

Basically, the pricing for the granite starts from $50-$60 per square foot and ranges to $2500 per square foot. If the salesperson is showing you the granite pieces that range lower than the above prices this clearly indicates he is selling you laminate countertops or a poor quality granite pieces. 

5. Look at the Joint

Check the seam of the existing granite countertop installed in your kitchen or bathroom. If the granite is man-made you will notice almost no shift of the pattern at the seam. With real granite, you will definitely notice a change in pattern at the time of installation itself. Though professionals completely minimize the pattern shift, it can somehow be noticed when focused.

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