How to Use Stones And Slabs For Decorating A Bar

Incorporating a home bar or being the owner of a bar is both a luxurious and a royal experience. The bars add a contemporary feel to the dull space. Be it a  small home bar or a bar at some outer space, bars are the glamorous addition to the family rooms and are convenient for those who want to entertain their guest frequently. 

If you are also questing for the best stones and slabs to use in this new addition, here’s an excellent guide compiling all enquires about the stone designs and patterns to decorate a bar.

When designing a bar, there are a number of styles and patterns you can pick from. But one of the prominent decisions is to decide what material and stones to use for the bar. Remembering that the bar needs to match with the design of your room plus it should be flexible and durable enough to stay beautiful for long years. Here is a glimpse of the stones, you can use and patterns to embellish your bar.

Granite Bar Tops

No, doubt granite is a natural stone that not provides a royal look plus it requires minimal keep up making it the perfect stone to qualify for the bar tops. If you are planning for an outdoor bar, some granite slabs fit best and withstand the weather changes, without any damage. In addition, granite slabs bear the splashes, heat and other knick-knacks of the daily life.  Incorporate the granite slabs as the bar countertops to enhance the look of your space.

Quartz Tops

For those who are uninitiated quartz is stronger than most of the stones available in the market. Quartz bar tops are highly convenient and functional. Available in a number of textures and patterns quartz gives you a range of dark, light and shimmery hues to complement your traditional and modern designs. Add quartz in your any of the bar settings to get a healthy dose of classic and chic style.

Soapstone Bar Island

It is another gorgeous addition for a luxurious and a beautiful bar island. Though soapstone always looks simple, it adds a lot of warmth to the bar ambiance. Elegant and timeless, soapstone makes your customers and guests feel special as they have received an invitation for the party. To ensure long terms of usage, try handling soapstone bar islands with care.

Marble Bar Top

Marble truly grace when it comes to the qualities. It is often valued for its exceptional resistant properties. Each of the marble pieces chosen is truly unique and assures to make a statement that no one could afford to miss. Maybe it’s a bold choice for your kitchen look but if you really want something extraordinary and exclusive, it’s an appreciable choice.

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