Soapstone Countertops - What Do You Need To Know?

Soapstone is completely a natural material that has certain benefits that you won’t find in Marble and Granite. When it comes to choosing natural stone countertops, there is the number of option available other than limestone or granite. If you really look forward to the dark beauty, durability, and maintenance free material consider soapstone instead. This natural stone is quite durable and needs almost no care and gives a classic feel. So, here’s everything you need to know about Soapstone.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Soapstone Slabs For Your Next Renovation

1. Workability

Soapstone easily bears the hot temperatures. It won’t get damaged when you put a pot directly from the stove and even doesn’t stain with the drops of juice or sauces. Unlike any other surface materials which can’t bear heat and stains, soapstone sounds great when it comes to workability and especially in the kitchen made of stainless steel. 

2. Fit Any Design

Soapstone can be cut and trim to any shape and design. It is all natural and can be recycled to the extent. Moreover, it doesn’t need any kind of sealants and toxic chemicals to prevent its shining and appearance. Furthermore, it is environment-friendly and does not allow bacteria and germs to penetrate the surface. Soapstone slabs only need cleanup and shape to be cut before it reaches your doorstep. 

3. Myriads Of Textures Available

With soapstone, you don’t have to worry or settle for the highly polished and lavish look that you would look for other stones. Be it a smooth or rough finish, soapstone can be bought according to the preferences. It doesn’t matter whether you have traditional or classic touch in your home, the soapstone texture you choose would definitely give a stunning touch without harming its durability.

4. Keeps You Happy With Low Maintenance

Acidic spills and wine pose less threat to the soapstone slabs. You don’t have to do frequent sealing for the same, instead, a quick wipe-down with a mineral oil is enough upon installation. The oil on the slab darkens the soapstone and brings shining on the surface. If you notice that your soapstone countertop is fading, apply mineral oil on the surface and it will bring the same appearance to the stone just at the time when you bought from the store. 

5. Cost

Cost of the soapstone countertop totally depends on the manufacturers. It is actually priced equal to granite but comes less expensive than Marble. On an average, soapstone slab cost you between $70-$200 per square foot. Fortunately, you can set up an installation of soapstone on your own. But if don’t want to bother yourself, hire professionals to do it for you. 

6. Limited Color Selection

If you are looking for something vibrant and colorful, you may not find the soapstone of your choice. As the selection of the colors and patterns in soapstone is quite limited. But if you wish to go for muted shades and neutral colors, soapstone offers the variety of choices and patterns. 

7. Ease Of Installation

Soapstone is fairly softer than both granite and marble and can be easily installed with DIY techniques. If you are the novice, installing the soapstone is a great choice. If DIY is not your choice, ask professionals nearby you to install it in your home and kitchen settings.

8. Where To Buy

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