Top 10 FAQ Every User Should Ask Before Buying Granite Countertops

Right from the rustic country kitchens to the contemporary bathroom worktops, there’s granite which fits best for any home styling. Granite comes seemingly in endless choices of colors, patterns and textures and don’t forget it offers myriads of options when it comes to finishes – shiny, glossy, matte etc.

Alluring new granite or natural stone countertops can turn your boring room into a sublime one, but connecting with the wrong fabricators may give you expensive nightmares. So, how can you be so sure and guaranteed that you are collecting the premium quality for your home? Here are some questions you may ask experts before your buy granite from their stores.

1. Do You Hold Any Industry Certifications?

Remember to go for the stone inventory holders or manufacturer or fabricator that holds MIA Accreditation or some industry certifications and quality craftsmanship. Trusted stores offer premium quality of stones and assure you with the durable products.

2.  What Are The Nominal Charges Of Installing Granite?

Oftentimes, the charges you did see in an advertisement often doesn't match the prices you will actually have to pay at the time of purchase. Different manufacturers offer different pricing. Ask vendor the approximate amount you have to spend during the time of installation.

3. The Type Of Granite You Are Buying

You might not know but there are three different grade levels available in the market. All the three grades of granite differ in properties and features. Ask the expert which type of granite looks good and effective in the home space.

4. Is It The Same Slab You Have Selected For Your Home Refurbishment?

Before you buy any of the granite products keep in mind, that no two granite pieces look identical in texture. Each of the granite slabs is unique in its own way. In fact, you will never see the same piece you have chosen delivered at your home. It may differ in color texture and veining combinations.

5. Ask About Vendor’s Granite Cutting Equipment

The vendor should have the latest cutting equipment installed at their place. The up-to-date equipment ensures the clean and accurate cut, so the new granite countertops can cover your old kitchen cabinets properly and correctly.

6. The Granite You Choose is Durable Enough?

What every homeowner demand is durability. Ask the experts if the granite slab you were chosen is durable and flexible enough to fit best in your home settings. You are investing a huge amount in revamping your home and commercial setting, interviewing for some useful information is your right.

7. How Often Does Granite Need Sealing

Unlike other stones that need sealing more often, do the granite slab requires sealing to be done at after frequent intervals. If yes, which sealant goes perfect with the granite countertops and is the sealant is available at your stores?

8. Do Granite Countertop Decolorizes After Sometime?

You may be choosing granite to embellish your outdoor kitchen or for at the places which are open to sunlight. Ask your vendor do the granite decolorizes after a time it comes in direct contact with sunlight.

9. Is Granite Resistant To Stain, Scratch & Heat

Most of the homeowners choose granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Both kitchen and bathroom are the places in your home that get wet, scratched and invites stubborn spots. Don’t forget to ask if the granite slab you have chosen is resistant to stain, heat and etching.

10.  Ask About The Color Choices That Complements Your Home Interior Settings

No wonder granite offers a number of color and patterns but it might happen that the granite stone you choose doesn't match well with your home settings. So before you buy the granite slab detail about your home color and your choice (contrasting, muted shades) you would like to go for.

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