Top 5 Economic Stone Slabs For Flooring

Choosing the best, durable and a budgeted stone for flooring is really a tough task. When it comes to selecting from granite, marble or quartz, each of the stone has its own peculiar characteristics and features. While some stone looks graceful in kitchen and bathrooms some enhances the look when added to the floors. So if you are seeking for the stone slabs for your next renovation plan, here’s a glimpse of the best products so far…

1) Azul Bahia

Brazil origin Azul Bahia attracts everyone with its color. The amazing combination of blue, green veins and white clustering gives a sophisticated look to the floors, countertops and windowsills. The polished finished granite features a rich texture and requires minimal keep up making it the finest choice for the homeowners.

2) Cobble Stone CQ 2 CM

Durable in usage and pricing, Cobblestone is made of 8% resin and 92% quartz. This soft looking stone features minute particles that add warmth to space. The resins and premium quality pigments offer the durability in the changing environments. 

The stone can be applied to different home spaces for the unique look. Take a close look of the stone at your nearby Cosmos Granite and Marble store.

3) Carrara Venatino 3 CM

The best and the economic stone slab to get your home space look stunning and elegant. Carrara Venatino requires minimal keep up plus the color and texture of the stone merges well with any of your traditional and contemporary designs. Want some contrasting look in your home settings? Try this beautiful textured white color stone to make the best out of your premises.

4) Alpine Spring CQ 3 CM

This amazing textured stone gives a feathery and a royal touch to your interior and exterior settings. The random speckles on the surface allow consistency and a soft look to your countertops, floors, and bathrooms. If you are failing in budget choose Alpine Spring for your next renovation. The stone fits your budget plus it impresses your visitors with its texture.

5) Soap Stone Black 3 CM

The stone is composed of mineral and features some exceptional properties. Soapstone is impervious in nature i.e. it does not allow water to get into the surface making it perfect for bathrooms, sinks, and counters. Sunlight exposure is an added benefit of the stone – you don’t have to worry about the color of stone if it is applied on the outdoor walls, as direct sunlight to the stone never fades its color.

Where To Buy?

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