What Deserve The Best Marble Tile Finishes?

Have you ever wondered why every neighbor around you chooses marble tiles for their home and office settings? The reason why marble is getting much popular is due to its appearance and sense of elegance. Marble looks good in any shape and it doesn’t matter for how long it has been used and repaired, it delivers the same exotic look just when it was bought for the first time.

When it comes to selecting a natural stone, you must have noticed that it looks graceful in any shape regardless of its usage. But what’s the secret? The answer is very simple, natural stones like marble look divine due to different finishes coated to its surface. So, if you are planning to buy marble tiles for your next project renovation, getting updated with the marble tile finishes can help you in selecting the one that suits your design preference.

Here are some important aspects that describe the best marble tile finishes:

1.  Polished Finish

The shiny surface of the marble makes it to the polished one. The surface of the polished finish marble comes from finishing the stone from buffers and other techniques. The polished marble is widely used in both traditional and modern settings; moreover, it makes the marble stone less porous and feasible to manage with other natural stone finishes. The polished finish marble withstands stains, the only drawback of using it is that it gets scratched easily.

2.  Honed Finish

Honed marble finish stands perfect for high-trafficking areas. This kind of marble result in a velvet look, smooth finish and delivers satin feel to the spaces. Honed finish marble is created when the material removes small bits of stone from the tile or slab form.

You can notice honed finish marble in high trafficking areas such as living room and bathroom. Whenever it gets stain, don't forget to use household detergent with bleach to clean the surface.

3.  Tumbled Finish

A tumbled finish of the marble is just an exception. This kind of finish adds warmth to your home decor. Tumbled finish marble creates small kind of holes in the surface of the stone. If you love the tumbled finished look of the marble, add in your bathroom to make it more impressive and alluring. The uneven edges and chips on the surface look perfectly with antique interiors.

4.  Antiqued Finish

Manufacturers need special machines to make a marble look antiqued finish. This kind of finish gives an exhausted look to the tile and ultimately beautifies the marble making it more appealing and durable of all.

5.  Brushed

The brushed finish gives a natural and antique look to the marble stone. To convert the marble into the brushed look, the stone is brushed until it becomes textured.  The brushed finish is more porous and needs to be sealed frequently to avoid staining. It somewhat resembles with antiqued and tumbled finish.

This is far the common finishes applied to the marble. A small change in the techniques alters the look and quality of the stone; some finishes look better in high trafficking areas while some look great in low crowd areas. Now that you know the different marble tile finishes available, consider budget, durability, and applications before making a decision.

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